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Until recently, when most Americans heard about issues surrounding clean drinking water, they likely thought about developing-nations. Flint reminds us, this is unfortunately not the case.  In fact, there are certain parts of the U.S. along with regions across the world that have been devastated by this deadly issue. The crisis in Flint, Michigan is a wake up call regarding the importance of access to clean drinking water. There are three noteworthy companies who have taken the lead to address this issue by harnessing innovations in atmospheric water generation (AWG).

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Covid's impact on the savings rate

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I can recall growing up during a time when recycling had to be separated..glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper.  Times changed and things became simple. One blue bin.  How could I not do my part to help save the world?  Some say this new ease of recycling has led to a  false sense of entitled consumerism. It’s ok to buy endless products packaged in plastic and cardboard because I am recycling… right? Soon I started to read articles and hear stories about all of the problems with recycling and how many of the items people thought were recyclable were not actually recyclable.